Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I registered for the Babywearing Conference today and just finished booking my train. I talked to Abby earlier this evening and made arrangements to stay at her and Matt's apartment! I am so very excited! On June 25, Elliot and I will be riding the train up to Chicago to attend the 2nd Annual Babywearing Conference. I'll be volunteering as a Workshop Assistant on Wednesday and then at Registration on Thursday all with a baby strapped to my back, haha. We'll be there until Saturday and will be learning lots of things ranging from how to run a babywearing group to how to wear a newborn to finding the perfect carrier and helping others to meet their needs. I simply can not wait. This all goes hand in hand with my passion to help mamas and babies. God gave me the obstacles I went through with the pregnancies and births of my children for a reason and in the past year or so I have finally listened to him and began pursuing that vision that has turned into me working on my RN, doula certification, and someday becoming a midwife.

Babywearing has been such an important part of our lives as parents. We started out with a Snugli with Julian because I did not know of any other options. When he was around 3 months old, after poking around on the internet, I discovered the world of babywearing. There are endless benefits of babywearing for babies and so many other options out there beside the Snuglis and Baby Bjorns we are most familiar with.

Here are some reasons to wear your baby from the conference website, http://www.babywearingconference.com/.

1. More comfortable for your arms and back than carrying.
2. Gives you the freedom to go places and get things done.
3. Multi-task—care for several children more easily.
4. Gives babies the closeness and motion they love.
5. Other caregivers can easily comfort and bond with baby.
6. Wearing baby fosters trust and attachment.
7. Helps you bond with foster or adopted children.
8. Feed on the go — even breastfeed hands free.
9. Research shows that carried babies cry less.
10.Babies are less likely to be bored, and can learn more when they are up higher.
11.Share your personal space to protect your baby from unwanted touches from strangers and from germs during cold and flu season.
And many more!

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